2 thoughts on “stökkið

  1. Jóhanna

    Hæhæ, þú ert sú eina sem ég veit um sem gengur í Nikita fötum – viltu nokkuð verið svo væn að segja mér hvar ég get keypt svoleiðis? Mig langar svo í nokkrar flíkur …

    Kær kveðja,

  2. Cold fronts generally move more quickly than warm fronts. Cold fronts also have steeper edges. When these edges displace the surrounding warmer air, that warm air is forced to rise rapidly. The Metal Gear Solid series is famous for being totally insane. This is partly due to the series’ lead creative director, Hideo Kojima. In addition to developing the long winded batshit lunacy of the game’s story, Kojima is adamant about infusing as much detail as humanly possible into every entry in the seri

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