ef menn eru ekki búnir að kjósa til stjórnlagaþings þá styð ég Vilhjálm Þorsteinsson 2325

409 thoughts on “stjórnlagaþing

    • I thought this speech was inspirational and while I still need to hear more, like who will be in his cabinet, for example, I think the man showed an ability to react diplomatically yet maintaining all integrity. He spoke to a depth of personal relationships and to a possibility of rectcniliaoion. To me that reveals some more of the substance I’ve been looking for. I was impressed.I’m a philly native so I have to ask – what was the scene like yesterday?

    • Brendan / A truly accurate translation is not possible until true natural language interfaces exist, and while I’m sure there are probably some great ones out there, none of them will be perfect. The day they are perfected is a great day for technology .

    • Unblieevable how well-written and informative this was.

    • Itachi-au-sharingan dit :je parlais au niveau de l’anime avec ces hommes poissons franchement ennuyant et décevant après chacun ses goûts au niveau des scan j’ai arrêter depuis 2 mois donc je ne peux pas me prononçer !A noter que les hs sont beaucoup moins présents que dans naruto ce qui augmente le côté attrayant du manga !Aime : 0

    • Please tell me that youre going to keep this up! Its so very good and so important. I cant wait to read more from you. I just feel like you know so considerably and know how to make people listen to what you’ve to say. This blog is just also cool to become missed. Great things, really. Please, PLEASE keep it up!VA:F [1.6.5_908]please wait…VA:F [1.6.5_908](from 0 votes)

    • Muy buena la nota y los videos… pasó de todo y fue muy emocionante estar ahí, entregar el BSM award, y sacarse la foto con la copa y con el chino Tapia… todo fue increible

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